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Om Sainath Rose Nursery, was established in the year 2009 in Pune city, we are spread across 30 acres. We offer a comprehensive collection of fresh rose flower plants and seedlings. We are an eminent manufacturer and supplier in this domain, and ensure the delivery of fresh and healthy plants, which are appealing to the eyes and refreshing to these are procured from all over the world.

these are procured from all over the world. Besides, our seedlings are sourced by various nurseries for flower cultivation purpose. We always ensure, we use healthy saplings and organic manure while dealing with the vendors. Herein, we check irrigation facilities with the vendors, and make sure that the cultivation is done by experienced gardeners; there by ensuring right nurturing and gardening of the flower plant. Moreover, we ensure the safe delivery of the flowers with the total retention of its beauty. Being the largest producers of quality flower plants, we are also the largest suppliers all over India. We have almost 12 different varieties of rose flower plants and seedlings.

Rose Nursery

He introduced new & innovative concept by replacing earthen pots with Plastic Bags for growing the plants. This resulted into reduction of weight for carrying the green live plants and also made it handy & convenient to trasport of the same to the distance places without damage and also economically. By this invention he has increased the productivity and profitability of the Nurseries.


We want each customer to have a pleasent shopping experience, and it is the intention of our staff to answer questions with expertise and to offer advice when we feel it is needed.

Om Sainath Rose Nursery